Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content ManagementAugment Microsoft Dynamics Platform with Newgen ECM and iBPS Solution

Microsoft Dynamics is widely used by organizations to automate strategic processes like Accounts Payable/Invoice Processing. Although MS Dynamics manages data efficiently, it is  not suited to manage huge volumes of documents (paper and electronic) which form part of the process.

Newgen’s OmniDocs (Enterprise Content Management) and iBPS (Intelligent Business Process Management) based solution ensures end-to-end management of invoices and supporting documents right from capture, process, storage till disposition. Seamless integration with MS Dynamics facilitate the users to:

  •  Process the captured Invoices and related documents using iBPS along with real time monitoring dashboards
  • Easily search and retrieve documents available in OmniDocs repository directly from MS Dynamics interface

Business Challenges Addressed

One of our customer, who is a USD 600 million conglomerate in FMCG, Footwear, Renewable Energy, Real Estate and Dairy Products, was facing the following challenges to process Invoices using MS Dynamics:

  •  Inability to capture Invoices and related documents at the point of origination
  • Invoices are missed or misfiled during transactions
  • High processing time to track and locate an Invoice file for audit/re-check purpose
  • High Turnaround time to process invoices leading to non-availing of vendor discounts
  • Poor visibility into Invoice approval process leading to poor cash flow management


Newgen proposed a solution comprising its Enterprise Content Management suite – OmniDocs with distributed scanning software – OmniScan to address business need of the client for capturing, managing, delivering and archiving large volume of Invoices.

  •  The Invoices from multiple locations are scanned and indexed using Newgen’s scanning software called OmniScan
  •  Integration with ERP system to extract indexing data for the captured documents from ERP database  based on unique code
  • Approved invoices and related documents are stored in OmniDocs repository
  •  Captured invoices and related documents are exported to OmniDocs, where an approval workflow is configured  for further processing wherein users can review and Approve / Reject the invoices
  •  Integration with MS Dynamics to provide access of Invoices and related documents

Key Benefits

  •  Track invoices and supporting documents as soon as they enter the organizationecm_mobile
  • Centralized processing of invoices since captured invoices, supporting documents & metadata can be quickly exported to OmniDocs, which is integrated with MS Dynamics
  • Approval workflow allowing users to accept, reject or seek clarity on invoices
  • Easily search and retrieve documents archived in OmniDocs repository directly from MS Dynamics interface
  • Reduced Turnaround time to process invoices resulting in better vendor margins and better cash flow management
  • Risk of invoices getting lost/damaged is eliminated